Thursday, 19 December 2013

Upcoming Releases - December 2013

Exclusive First Editions are pleased to be able to show you the latest pre-production shots of our upcoming releases for December 2013.

12310 - Harrington Grenadier - BIRCH BROS.
Registration number ALD 27B, fleet number K 27. Route blind reads that it’s on a Private excursion.
Scheduled For March release

24107 - Bedford TK Dropside - CROSVILLE N.B.C.
Registration number VLG 53R, fleet number 53A.
Scheduled For March release

 34110 - AEC RT 3 Bus - LONDON COUNTRY
Registration number NLE 859, fleet number RT 3752. Operates route 306 to Leavesden, Ganders Ash.
Scheduled For February Release

38402 - Alexander Bristol RE Coach - MANCHESTER P.T.E.
Registration number NJA 335H, fleet number 335 TE. Works route 391 to Padfield.
Scheduled For March release

 38801 - AEC MkIII 3 Axle Dropside - B.R.S. DERBYSHIRE GROUP
Registration number ORA 839, fleet number 66 E 233.
Scheduled For March release

38901 - RCL Routemaster Coach - LONDON TRANSPORT
Registration number CUV 256C, fleet number RCL 2256. Operating route 149 to Victoria.
Scheduled For March release