Friday, 28 February 2014

Upcoming Releases - February 2014

Exclusive First Editions are pleased to be able to publish the latest pre-production shots of our upcoming releases for February 2014.

12121 - Harrington Cavalier - NORTHERN GENERAL 
Registration number MCN 53, fleet number 1953. En route to the Cornish Riviera.
Scheduled for a March release

23804 - Alexander Atlantean - GATESHEAD DISTRICT 
Registration number CCN 334C, fleet number 134.
Operates route 7 to Fawdon via Tyne Bridge. 
Scheduled for a May release

25812 - Daimler DMS 1 Door - CARLISLE BUS 
Registration number OJD 203R, fleet number 1921. Works route 67 to Belle Vue. 
Scheduled for a March release

26327 - Guy Arab II Utility - STOCKPORT CORPORATION 
Registration number JA 7613, fleet number 213.
Working route 26 to Kingsway, Parrs Wood.
Scheduled for an April release 

26625 - Plaxton Paramount 3500 - EAST KENT 
Registration number SIB 8243, fleet number 8243
Scheduled for a May release

36706 - SLF Dart Series Two 1 Door - NORTHERN GO NORTH EAST 
Registration number X233 FBB, fleet number 8233. 
Works route 35 to South Shields via Sunderland. 
Scheduled for a May release 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

February New Releases - In The Shops

Available from Exclusive First Editions stockists now!

12310 - Harrington Grenadier - BIRCH BROS
Our Harrington Grenadier coach see’s the first of a new fleet on our models, the much requested livery of Birch Brothers. Registration number ALD 27B carries this old and well respected North London Company’s fleet number of K27 and the route blind shows that it’s on Private hire. RRP £32.50

30713 - AEC Renown - BARTON TRANSPORT 
Barton Transport operated two AEC Renown’s and this model is the twin of the bus we previously released. Registered 212 JUS, fleet number 1116 operates on route 119 to Melton Mowbray, “pork pie country”. RRP £32.50

34110 - AEC RT 3 Bus - LONDON COUNTRY 
AEC RT’s were long running and very reliable for London Country services on the outskirts of the Capital. Registered NLE 859, fleet number RT 3752 operates route 306 to Leavesden and Ganders Ash, just north of Watford.  RRP £32.50

Friday, 14 February 2014

EFE Commission - Percy's Luxury Tours

We were asked to produce a model for The Only Fools and Horses Appreciation Society of the Plaxton Panorama that was used in the 1989 Christmas Special

15716 - Plaxton Panorama Coach - Percy's Luxury Tours Of Peckham
Registered PEL 915M, Displays posters 
"1989 Jolly Boys Outing Nags Head Peckham"

In this hilarious episode Del, Rodney, Uncle Albert, and all the gang embark upon their annual outing to Margate, but end up stranded when their coach catches fire and then explodes. Thankfully our model neither catches fire or explodes, but does create a nice memento of the episode and would make a interesting addition to any model collection.

This Model is presented in a bespoke printed box illustrating the episode, priced £29.99 + 7.50  p&p (UK) and is available
Here from the OFAH Shop Now!
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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

EFE Commission - Dublin City Imp

We were recently commissioned to make a model of a striking Dublin City Imp Hoppa.
 24821 - Hoppa - Dublin City Imp
 Registered 93-D-10001, fleet number ME1, operating route 123 Droimeanach, Drimnagh.

For more details and availability please
call 085 850 9467 or email

Monday, 10 February 2014

February New Releases - In The Shops

Available To Order From Exclusive First Editions Stockists Now!

38702 -  Alexander Y Type Bus - Eastern Counties
This ex Midland Alexander vehicle is the second release of our Y Type Bus and is in the popular livery of Eastern Counties. Registered DLS 355V, fleet number 1811 works route 200 to Newmarket. RRP £32.50

31806 -  RMA Routemaster  -  Clydeside Quicksilver
Quicksilver was the name given to Clydeside’s coaching side of operations and this RMA Routemaster would have been well suited to the job. Registered KGJ 614D, fleet number SRMA 1 would have been operating route 4 to Ayr for a special occasion. RRP £32.50

36304 - Bedford TK Short Dropside - Russell Of Bathgate
Continuing to build our Russell of Bathgate fleet of commercial vehicles. Bedford TK short dropside registered FSX 165 has this well known Scottish Company’s fleet number of 128 and adds to our previously released ERF KV model.  RRP £29.00