Friday, 14 February 2014

EFE Commission - Percy's Luxury Tours

We were asked to produce a model for The Only Fools and Horses Appreciation Society of the Plaxton Panorama that was used in the 1989 Christmas Special

15716 - Plaxton Panorama Coach - Percy's Luxury Tours Of Peckham
Registered PEL 915M, Displays posters 
"1989 Jolly Boys Outing Nags Head Peckham"

In this hilarious episode Del, Rodney, Uncle Albert, and all the gang embark upon their annual outing to Margate, but end up stranded when their coach catches fire and then explodes. Thankfully our model neither catches fire or explodes, but does create a nice memento of the episode and would make a interesting addition to any model collection.

This Model is presented in a bespoke printed box illustrating the episode, priced £29.99 + 7.50  p&p (UK) and is available
Here from the OFAH Shop Now!
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