Friday, 28 February 2014

Upcoming Releases - February 2014

Exclusive First Editions are pleased to be able to publish the latest pre-production shots of our upcoming releases for February 2014.

12121 - Harrington Cavalier - NORTHERN GENERAL 
Registration number MCN 53, fleet number 1953. En route to the Cornish Riviera.
Scheduled for a March release

23804 - Alexander Atlantean - GATESHEAD DISTRICT 
Registration number CCN 334C, fleet number 134.
Operates route 7 to Fawdon via Tyne Bridge. 
Scheduled for a May release

25812 - Daimler DMS 1 Door - CARLISLE BUS 
Registration number OJD 203R, fleet number 1921. Works route 67 to Belle Vue. 
Scheduled for a March release

26327 - Guy Arab II Utility - STOCKPORT CORPORATION 
Registration number JA 7613, fleet number 213.
Working route 26 to Kingsway, Parrs Wood.
Scheduled for an April release 

26625 - Plaxton Paramount 3500 - EAST KENT 
Registration number SIB 8243, fleet number 8243
Scheduled for a May release

36706 - SLF Dart Series Two 1 Door - NORTHERN GO NORTH EAST 
Registration number X233 FBB, fleet number 8233. 
Works route 35 to South Shields via Sunderland. 
Scheduled for a May release 

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