Monday, 31 March 2014

Upcoming Releases - March 2014

Exclusive First Editions are pleased to be able to publish the latest pre-production shots of our upcoming releases for March 2014.

12120 - Harrington Cavalier - TIMPSONS & SON
Registration number XXT 518, Costal Express operating an Evening Tour.
Scheduled For A June Release

24905 - Plaxton Minibus - METROBUS
Registration number F123 TRU, operates route 351 to Bromley North Station.
Scheduled For A May Release


30714 - AEC Renown -  A1 SERVICES
Registration number ASD 890B, en route to Ardrossan via Springvale.
Scheduled For A May Release

 35211 - 36’ BET Style Bus  - BOURNEMOUTH TRANSPORT
Registration number CRU 102C, fleet number 102, operates Circular Tour 1.
Scheduled For A June Release

 36005 - Leyland RTL Bus - CHIEFTAIN
Registration number YVA 776, fleet number 52, en route to Eaglesham.
Scheduled For A May Release

Registration number OCK 100K, fleet number 2000, operates route 660 to Harraby East.
Scheduled For A May Release

Friday, 28 March 2014

Collectors Association - 29909 Clubmobile (Low Stock)

We only have a few models left of our Subscriber Special 10T10 Clubmobile, so make sure you order yours before its too late!!

29909 - AEC 10T10 - American Red Cross Clubmobile "Oklahoma"
Registered ELP 223, carrying the identity of Oklahoma, USA X201025, this vehicle could be seen in Essex working a circular tour around Lakeside at Ensign’s annual running day last November.     £30.00 Includes P&P (UK only) 

You must be a member of the EFE Collectors Association to buy this model. 
To avoid disappointment a swift response is recommended. Due to the small production quantity of this model, orders will be handled on a strict date received basis, and we reserve the right to allocate models on a fair basis, if demand exceeds supply.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

March Releases - In The Shops Now!

Available from Exclusive First Editions stockists from this week!

18409 - Leyland TS 8 Tiger - County Motors 
County Motors of Lepton, Huddersfield were a very old and well respected operator 
that was eventually taken over by Yorkshire Traction in the late 1960’s. Registered 
DVH 755, fleet number 76 this Leyland TS8 Tiger is en route to Huddersfield.
RRP £32.50

38801 - AEC MkIII 3 Axle Dropside - B.R.S. Derbyshire Group 
British Road Services vehicles are always popular with collectors of our models, this 
AEC MkIII 3 axle dropside is a new variation and will make a nice addition to the 
fleet. Part of the B.R.S. Derbyshire Group with registration number ORA 839 it 
carries fleet number 66 E 233.
RRP £29.00

25812 - Daimler DMS 1 Door - Carlise Bus
Ex Hampshire Bus Daimler DMS was transferred to Cumberland Motor Services Carlisle Bus when the company was taken over by Stagecoach. Registration number OJD 203R, fleet number 1921 operates route 67 to Belle Vue.
RRP £32.50

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Pre Production Update - 36706 Go Northern

It has been brought to our attention that our model 36706 SLF Dart Northern Go North East was incorrectly registered. Thankfully we have been able to amend this and are now able to show you our new pre-production image and corrected details.

36706 - SLF Dart Series Two 1 Door - NORTHERN GO NORTH EAST 
Registration number Y558 KUX, fleet number 8289. 
Works route 35 to South Shields via Sunderland. 
Scheduled for a May release

Saturday, 15 March 2014

March Releases - In The Shops

Available from Exclusive First Editions stockists now!
38402 - Alexander RE Bristol Coach - Manchester P.T.E. 
Ex North Western Alexander Y Type Bristol RE coach looks striking in the orange & 
white colours of Greater Manchester P.T.E. Registered NJA 335H, fleet number 335 TE 
works route 391 to Padfield, near Glossop. RRP £32.50

27628 - Wright Volvo Renown - Blackburn Transport
Building on our fleet of Blackburn Transport models is this elegant low floor Volvo 
Renown. Fleet number 208, registered V208 EBV is working route 18 to Feniscowles 
on the edge of the Dales. RRP £32.50

24107 - Bedford TK Dropside - Crosville N.B.C. 
Part of the Crosville maintenance support fleet this Bedford TK dropside truck is 
depicted during the National Bus Company period of control. Registered VLG 53R, 
fleet number 53A carries a small covered load. RRP £29.00

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Collectors Association - Subscriber Model March 2014

Exclusive First Editions are pleased to present our Collectors Association Members with another very special model, this time we look back to the war years with an ACE 10T10.

Red Cross Clubmobile 'Dakota' sits behind a B17 flying fortress at an US airfield base, England, February 1944
Image Source: LIFE Magazne
During the 1940’s many of the splendid AEC 10T10 coaches operated by Green Line were loaned to the American Forces for use moving troops and air crew around U.S. bases, as Ambulances and some were also converted to Red Cross Clubmobiles.

Image Source: LIFE Magazine

The Clubmobile was conceived by Red Cross Commissioner to Great Britain Harvey D. Gibson. His plan was to put a service club "on wheels" which would be able to reach the serviceman directly at their camp or airfield. Each vehicle was named after a U.S. State, driven by an English driver but operated by three American Girls, toghether they provided the G.I's with music played loudly from the on board Victrola, coffee, freshly made doughnuts and most importantly a little taste of home.

Image Source: Ensign Blog

There are only two working AEC 10T10 buses in the U.K. one is at the London Bus Museum and the other newly rebuilt in the Ensign bus collection. Ensign have been meticulously rebuilding their 10T10 over the past few years and it returned to service last Autumn at Ensign’s annual running day. Whilst it was painted in a grey undercoat it was the perfect an opportunity to replicate a Clubmobile vehicle and so "Oklahoma" was chosen as the identity.

29909 - AEC 10T10 - American Red Cross Clubmobile "Oklahoma"
Registered ELP 223, carrying the identity of Oklahoma, USA X201025, this vehicle could be seen in Essex working a circular tour around Lakeside at Ensign’s annual running day last November.     £30.00 Includes P&P (UK only)