Friday, 28 March 2014

Collectors Association - 29909 Clubmobile (Low Stock)

We only have a few models left of our Subscriber Special 10T10 Clubmobile, so make sure you order yours before its too late!!

29909 - AEC 10T10 - American Red Cross Clubmobile "Oklahoma"
Registered ELP 223, carrying the identity of Oklahoma, USA X201025, this vehicle could be seen in Essex working a circular tour around Lakeside at Ensign’s annual running day last November.     £30.00 Includes P&P (UK only) 

You must be a member of the EFE Collectors Association to buy this model. 
To avoid disappointment a swift response is recommended. Due to the small production quantity of this model, orders will be handled on a strict date received basis, and we reserve the right to allocate models on a fair basis, if demand exceeds supply.

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