Thursday, 13 March 2014

Collectors Association - Subscriber Model March 2014

Exclusive First Editions are pleased to present our Collectors Association Members with another very special model, this time we look back to the war years with an ACE 10T10.

Red Cross Clubmobile 'Dakota' sits behind a B17 flying fortress at an US airfield base, England, February 1944
Image Source: LIFE Magazne
During the 1940’s many of the splendid AEC 10T10 coaches operated by Green Line were loaned to the American Forces for use moving troops and air crew around U.S. bases, as Ambulances and some were also converted to Red Cross Clubmobiles.

Image Source: LIFE Magazine

The Clubmobile was conceived by Red Cross Commissioner to Great Britain Harvey D. Gibson. His plan was to put a service club "on wheels" which would be able to reach the serviceman directly at their camp or airfield. Each vehicle was named after a U.S. State, driven by an English driver but operated by three American Girls, toghether they provided the G.I's with music played loudly from the on board Victrola, coffee, freshly made doughnuts and most importantly a little taste of home.

Image Source: Ensign Blog

There are only two working AEC 10T10 buses in the U.K. one is at the London Bus Museum and the other newly rebuilt in the Ensign bus collection. Ensign have been meticulously rebuilding their 10T10 over the past few years and it returned to service last Autumn at Ensign’s annual running day. Whilst it was painted in a grey undercoat it was the perfect an opportunity to replicate a Clubmobile vehicle and so "Oklahoma" was chosen as the identity.

29909 - AEC 10T10 - American Red Cross Clubmobile "Oklahoma"
Registered ELP 223, carrying the identity of Oklahoma, USA X201025, this vehicle could be seen in Essex working a circular tour around Lakeside at Ensign’s annual running day last November.     £30.00 Includes P&P (UK only)

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