Wednesday, 23 April 2014

April Releases - In The Shops Now!

Available from Exclusive First Editions stockists now!

12121 - Harrington Cavalier -  Northern Gerneral
En route to the Cornish Riviera, this Northern General Cavalier would have been a very luxurious way to get there. Registered MCN 53, fleet number 1953 adds to this well respected fleet of models. RRP £32.50

30714 - AEC Renown - A1 Services
The association of independent bus operators that made up A1 Services brought
together an interesting array of buses, all operating loosely to a common livery.Our Renown registered ASD 890B was in the fleet of James Murray and is working a service to Ardrossan via Springvale. RRP £32.50

38901 - RCL Routemaster Coach - London Transport
The first single headlight RCL Routemaster coach produced on our revised casting in Central London Transport red, carrying the circle & bar livery. Registered CUV 256C, fleet number RCL 2256 works route 149 to Victoria. RRP £32.50

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

April Releases - In The Shops Now!

Available from Exclusive First Editions stockists now!

26327 - Guy Arab II Utility - Stockport Corporation
This Guy Utility bus continues to build our Stockport Corporation fleet of models and 
is depicted with a period advert for a Stockport based brewery. Registration number 
JA 7613, fleet number 213 works route 26 to Kingsway, Parrs Wood. RRP £32.50

36102 - Trader Luton Box Van - Marley Tiles
The familiar household name of Marley Tiles creates a very nostalgic look as applied to
our Thames Trader Luton Box Van. Registered 7731 KP, fleet number 26 will make a very fine addition to anyone’s collection. RRP £29.99

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Pre Production Update - 38114 VRT Ribble

It has been brought to our attention that our pre-pro image of 38114 VRT RIBBLE is incorrectly displaying gold fleet names. We can confirm that the production model will carry cream fleet names on the front, near and offsides, as displayed below.

Registration number OCK 100K, fleet number 2000.
Shown operating route 660 to Harraby East.
Scheduled For A May Release