Wednesday, 23 April 2014

April Releases - In The Shops Now!

Available from Exclusive First Editions stockists now!

12121 - Harrington Cavalier -  Northern Gerneral
En route to the Cornish Riviera, this Northern General Cavalier would have been a very luxurious way to get there. Registered MCN 53, fleet number 1953 adds to this well respected fleet of models. RRP £32.50

30714 - AEC Renown - A1 Services
The association of independent bus operators that made up A1 Services brought
together an interesting array of buses, all operating loosely to a common livery.Our Renown registered ASD 890B was in the fleet of James Murray and is working a service to Ardrossan via Springvale. RRP £32.50

38901 - RCL Routemaster Coach - London Transport
The first single headlight RCL Routemaster coach produced on our revised casting in Central London Transport red, carrying the circle & bar livery. Registered CUV 256C, fleet number RCL 2256 works route 149 to Victoria. RRP £32.50

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