Monday, 12 May 2014

May Releases - In The Shops

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30714 - AEC Renown - A1 Services
The association of independent bus operators that made up A1 Services brought together an interesting array of buses, all operating loosely to a common livery. Our Renown registered ASD 890B was in the fleet of James Murray and is working a service to Ardrossan via Springvale. RRP £32.50

23324 - AEC RF Bus - London Transport 
The ever popular AEC RF bus makes a welcome return in Central London Transport red livery. Registered MLL 945 and working from Kingston garage RF 527 operates route 216 to Staines via Sunbury. RRP £32.50

36902 - AEC Regent V - East Kent 
After many requests since releasing the AEC Regent V we have depicted this model in East Kent traditional dark red and cream livery. Registered GJG 740D and fitted with a distinctively large destination it is working route 52 to Margate Harbour. RRP £32.50

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