Monday, 9 June 2014

June Releases - In The Shops

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24905 - Plaxton Minibus - Metrobus
North Kent operator Metrobus are well known for operating outer London TfL routes in their distinctive blue & yellow colours. Registered F123 TRU, number 11 Plaxton Minibus works route 351 to Bromley North Station. RRP £32.50

26625 - Plaxton Paramount 3500 - East Kent
The ever popular livery of East Kent has a modern twist on this Plaxton Paramount 3500 coach. Registered SIB 8243, fleet number 8243 carries an in house advert for private hire on the rear.
RRP £32.50

36706 - SLF Dart Series Two 1 Door - Northern Go North East
This 1 door series two SLF Dart registered Y558 KUX was one of the last vehicles in the older red, yellow and blue colours to receive the modern all red Northern, Go North East livery. Fleet number 8289 operates route 35 to South Shields via Sunderland. RRP £32.50

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