Friday, 25 July 2014

Collectors Association - Subscriber Model - 25th Anniversary of EFE

Exclusive First Editions are pleased to present our Collectors Association Members with two special models, to mark our 25 years in the model industry!

Having started the 1:76 scale collectable market for detailed and accurate model road vehicles, in 1988/89, we are proud to be still at the forefront of this fascinating hobby after 25 years. Our first RT bus was launched onto an unsuspecting world in August 1989 and since 1990 we have delighted our collectors with a steady flow of between six and eight new collectable models per month. 

To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Exclusive First Editions we have produced 2 special models for our subscribers to enjoy. One features a Leyland RTL bus and the other features a Leyland Titan bus, both in silver and red liveries. There are limited numbers available making them very collectable and valuable.

36006  - Leyland RTL Bus - Exclusive First Editions 25th Anniversary
Originally part of the London Transport fleet, these buses had a standard RT body adapted to fit onto a Leyland chassis. Extra buses were urgently required to help complement the production of the standard AEC RT bus to supply London with new buses after the war. The main distinguishing feature identifying the RTL bus from the standard AEC RT bus was the Leyland radiator. £32.50 including UK P&P

29207 - Leyland Titan Bus - Exclusive First Editions 25th Anniversary
To replace the problematic Daimler DMS fleet, London Transport designed their own specific version of the rear engine Olympian bus and used the Leyland Titan name to identify it. These Titan buses were successful in London and became the predominant rear engine buses in the London fleet. £32.50 including UK P&P

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