Thursday, 21 August 2014

August Releases - In The Shops

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38112 - Bristol VRT - Western National
This Bristol VRT adds to our Western National fleet of models in their traditional Tilling green and cream colours. Registered OTA 293G, fleet number 1059 operates route 7 to Mount Batten, Plymouth. RRP £32.50

23804 - Alexander Atlantean - Gateshead District
It has been some time since Gateshead District’s green and cream colours have graced our models. Registered CCN 334C, fleet number 134, our Alexander Atlantean operates route 7 to Fawdon via Tyne Bridge.RRP £32.50

38113 - Bristol VRT 2 - Southdown
Following the demand for our previously released Southdown VRT is fleet number 507 which could possibly be another sellout. Registered TCD 507J it is on route 319 to Tunbridge Wells. 
RRP £32.50

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