Friday, 17 October 2014

Upcoming Releases - October 2014

Exclusive First Editions are pleased to be able to publish the latest pre-production shots of our upcoming releases for October 2014.

14410 - Leyland National Short 1 Door  - Greater Glasgow PTE
Registration number GGE 156T, fleet number LN 1. Operates route 69 to Hillpark. 
Scheduled for a December release

20649 - Plaxton Pointer Dart - Arriva South London
Registration number N675 GUM, fleet number LDR 5. Works route 130 to West Croydon. Scheduled for a November release

39001 - Foden S24 Short 2 Axle Tipper  - Limmer & Trinidad
Registration number HOR 203E.
Scheduled for a January release

14902 - Leyland National MkII Short - Ribble N.B.C. 
Registration number JCK 849W, fleet number 849. Operating route 646 to Penrith. Scheduled for a December release

31708 - RMC Routemaster Coach - Green Line
Registration number 500 CLT, fleet number RMC 1500. Working route 719 to Hemel Hempstead. 
Scheduled for a November release

 RMA - Routemaster Coach & Trailer - B.E.A. Sovereign Holidays
Registration number KGJ 623D carries an advert for Sovereign Holidays. 
Scheduled for a November release

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