Wednesday, 21 January 2015

EFE Collectors Association - New Year 2015

Exclusive First Editions are pleased to present our Collectors Association Members two very special New Year Offers. We feel that we owe you our thanks for your continued support and it is for this reason that we bring you these special models to enhance your collection.

34111 - AEC RT Bus - London Transport
Registration number LUC 236, fleet number RT 2010, operating route 90 to Kew Gardens Station.
£32.50 Free UK P&P

18016 - MCW Fleetline - Belfast Corporation
Registration number 584 EZ, fleet number 584, operating route 23 to City Hall.
£32.50 Free UK P&P

You must be a member of the EFE Collectors Association to buy these models. 
To avoid disappointment a swift response is recommended. Due to the small production quantity of these models, orders will be handled on a strict date received basis, and we reserve the right to allocate models on a fair basis, if demand exceeds supply.

Want these models but your not yet a member?