Tuesday, 9 June 2015

EFE Upcoming Releases - A Sneak Peak

We would like to thank those of you who greeted us at Southdown 100 Rally last Sunday, you really helped to make it a wonderful day! 

Those of you who visited our stand would have had the chance for a sneak peak at some of our previously unannounced models, so we thought it was only fair to give those of you who couldn't make it a chance to see them too!
25005 - Bristol RELL - West Yorkshire NBC
Registration BWU 552H, fleet number 1287, working on route 16 to Harrogate.
Release date TBA

38122 - Bristol VRT II - Solent Blue Line
Registered SDL 637J, fleet number 07, operating route 160 to Ocean Village.
Release date TBA

29510 - Plaxton Panorama Bristol Dome - Tillings National Express
Registered PWC 345K, fleet number PL 9438, en route to Switzerland.
Release date TBA

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