Friday, 6 November 2015

EFE Upcoming Releases - November 2015

Exclusive First Editions are pleased to be able to publish the latest pre-production shots of our upcoming releases for November 2015.

12122 - Harrington Cavalier - Southdown
Registration number 547 BUF, fleet number 1747.
Operating a tour of Wales and Northern Ireland.
Scheduled for a January Release RRP £34.50

16230 - Bristol LS - Hants & Dorset
Registration number JDL 760, fleet number 846.
Shown en route to Poole.
Scheduled for a November Release RRP £34.50

16538 - Leyland MCW Atlantean - Devon General
Registration number 926 GTA, fleet number 926 Sir Francis Drake.
Operates route 30 to Babbacombe via Castle Circus.
Scheduled for a December Release RRP £34.50

16539 - Leyland MCW Atlantean - City of Manchester
Registration number UNB 624, fleet number 3624.
Works route 60 to Victoria Avenue.
Scheduled for a December Release RRP £34.50

17312 - Leyland National MkI Long - East Kent NBC
Registration number NFN 78M, fleet number 1078.
Works route 154 to Garlinge.
Scheduled for a December Release RRP £34.50

17707 - Leyland National MKII Long  - Colchester Transport
Registration number EON 829V, fleet number 19.
Operating route 1 to Ambrose Avenue.
Scheduled for a December Release RRP £34.50

29013 - GM Standard Fleetline - Swindon Thamesdown
Registration number PTD 644S, fleet number 206.
Working route 7 to Walcot East.
Scheduled for a December Release RRP £34.50

34113 - AEC RT Bus - London Country NBC
Registration number JXN 46, fleet number RT 1018.
Works route 453 to Caterham On The Hill.
Scheduled for a December Release RRP £34.50

All models will be available to pre-order from your local model shop, online or from us direct from this week onwards!

If your local model shop stocks Bachmann Trains you can now order EFE models too! Just ask in store