Friday, 26 February 2016

EFE In the Shops - February 2016

Available from Exclusive First Editions stockists from this week onwards!

15720 - Plaxton Panorama - Ribble
The distinctive cream and dark red of Ribble’s coaching fleet suits the Panorama body. Registered HRN 966G, fleet number 966 works route X40 to Keswick in the Lake District.
RRP £34.50

24331 - 30’ BET Bus - Hebble
This AEC 30’ BET style bus en route to Bridlington on the coast takes this Hebble Motor Services bus a long way from its base in Halifax. Registered PCP 804, fleet number 196 carries newer style fleet names.
RRP £34.50

26329 - Guy Arab II Utility - Burton Corporation
Burton Corporation had a number of ex London Transport Guy’s. This Park Royal bodied bus registered FA 8034, fleet number 28 works route 10 to Acorn Inn and advertises Co Op shopping.
RRP £34.50

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