Thursday, 11 February 2016

EFE Upcoming Releases - January 2016

Exclusive First Editions are pleased to be able to publish the latest pre-production shots of our upcoming releases for January 2016.
12123 - Harrington Cavalier - Royal Blue NBC
Ex Southdown Vehicle. Registration number 8739 CD, fleet number 2204. En route to Brixham.
Scheduled for a March release

15720 - Plaxton Panorama - Ribble
Registration number HRN 966G, fleet number 966. Operates route X40 to Keswick.
Scheduled for a February release

17231 - Leyland National - Northumbria
Registration number LUP 903T, fleet number 772. Works route 46 to Gosforth via Newcastle.
Scheduled for a March release

24108 - Bedford TK Dropside - Alder Valley NBC
Registration number TPJ 780S, fleet number 60.
Scheduled for a March release

28829 - Leyland Titan - Oxford Bus Company
Registration number KYV 493X, fleet number 973. Operates route 52 to Oxford City Centre.
Scheduled for a March release 

31910 - RML Routemaster - Arriva London
Registration number NML 611E, fleet number RML 2611. Works route 73 to Tottenham Swan.
Scheduled for a March release

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