Thursday, 11 February 2016

EFE Upcoming Releases - January 2016

Exclusive First Editions are pleased to be able to publish the latest pre-production shots of our upcoming releases for January 2016.
12123 - Harrington Cavalier - Royal Blue NBC
Ex Southdown Vehicle. Registration number 8739 CD, fleet number 2204. En route to Brixham.
Scheduled for a March release

15720 - Plaxton Panorama - Ribble
Registration number HRN 966G, fleet number 966. Operates route X40 to Keswick.
Scheduled for a February release

17231 - Leyland National - Northumbria
Registration number LUP 903T, fleet number 772. Works route 46 to Gosforth via Newcastle.
Scheduled for a March release

24108 - Bedford TK Dropside - Alder Valley NBC
Registration number TPJ 780S, fleet number 60.
Scheduled for a March release

28829 - Leyland Titan - Oxford Bus Company
Registration number KYV 493X, fleet number 973. Operates route 52 to Oxford City Centre.
Scheduled for a March release 

31910 - RML Routemaster - Arriva London
Registration number NML 611E, fleet number RML 2611. Works route 73 to Tottenham Swan.
Scheduled for a March release

All models will be available to pre-order from your local model shop, online or from us direct from this week onwards!

If your local model shop stocks Bachmann Trains you can now order EFE models too! Just ask in store