Monday, 20 June 2016

EFE In The Shops - June 2016

Available from Exclusive First Editions stockists from this week!
12124 -  Harrington Cavalier - Greenslades Tours

Exeter based Greenslades Tours operated this Harrington Cavalier from new, before their eventual merger. Decorated as new registration number 540 CFJ is operating a tour to Wales.  
RRP £34.50

31808 - RMA Routemaster - British European Airways

The Airport Routemasters ran a unique service between Heathrow and West London, operated originally by B.E.A. then becoming part of British Airways. Registration number KGJ 610D is depicted at the time of this change over period.
RRP £34.50

38126 - Bristol - VRT Ribble
Following the sellout of our previous Ribble VRT we have another version, this time featuring the later fleet names. Fleet number 1984, registered NCK 984K is working route 668 to Upperby carrying adverts for Robertsons bread.
RRP £34.50

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